No butterfly in the world lives for one day.

The story of butterflies living one day comes from the mayfly. Since the mayfly is physiologically very similar to butterflies, its life span is one day, which led to the false belief that the life span of butterflies is one day. Butterflies live between 1 week and 1 year depending on the species. If we consider life as egg, caterpillar, pupa and butterfly, this period is longer. If we give a few examples about the life span of butterflies, the Yellow Banded Velvet (Nymphalis antiopa) living in Turkey can live up to 10 months in the adult stage. The Yukka moth (Prodoxus y-inversus), a moth living in South America, can live up to 30 years as a caterpillar. As can be understood from this, the life span of butterflies is longer than 1 day.

In order for the butterflies in Konya tropical butterfly garden to live in the best conditions, the garden should have 28° and 80% humidity as in the natural life of tropical butterflies. Under these conditions, our butterflies in the garden live for 2-4 weeks at the shortest. The "Paper Kite" butterfly with the scientific name Idea leuconoe is known to live up to 60 days.



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