Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden has 3500 m2 trip area and ​​7,600 m2 for total use.

1,600 m2 butterfly flight area offers habitat to 15 species of butterflies. There are 98 species of plants in the garden 20.000, butterflies can be observed flying around their nectar plants. 

When you enter the garden, you will experience a unique atmosphere that's found in thousands of plants and butterflies. colored butterflies with enormous jewels of nature you will discover in their natural habitat. butterflies in a tropical environment that will witness the harmony with each other and with nature, and you will have the opportunity to see the excellent design of their elegant wings. 

Our nature guides accompany you along the nature while you walk the life cycle of butterflies, camouflage, protection, nutrition, and you will find the opportunity to examine the behavior like sunbathing. a spectacular journey into the mysterious world of important insect insects in our village are waiting for you. Also, perhaps you will meet amazing and mysterious animal you've never seen before. 

Follow the nature of butterflies dancing, step away from the stress and relax. Immerse yourself in nature's mystical atmosphere and get ready for new experiences. If you are lucky a butterfly lands on your shoulder and can accompany you throughout the entire walk.

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